We love what we do and the Zorzon idea started from the passion for jewelry. Loving them, we thought about sharing this passion. We put a lot of soul in what we do and our target is to offer solutions to those in search for a gift or, why not, for a self-present to enjoy. We are always ready to help you choose the pieces that fits you or the proper gift. Sometimes, choosing a gift can be a difficult mission, so a little help can be useful.

We offer special jewelry, by our own designs, made of brass, copper, silver plated, enameled, with semiprecious stones and unconventional materials, unique or in limited edition.

We always have new entries in high quality standards. The jewelry is indispensable for a complete outfit, for defining your style and emphasize personality.

Our policy is based on honesty, respect, we are open minded, that’s why we will always be receptive to your questions or suggestions on our products and services.

Zorzon is a site operated by S.C. AM ZORZON S.R.L., based in Timisoara, Timis, CUI 37406718, J35/1300/18.04.2017, financed by the Start-Up Nation 2017 program.